Never the Same River

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Never The Same River tells the story of a nervy and dyslexic boy who grew up in a dysfunctional family. Follow the young boy as he grows to a man, in the process becoming a soldier, an entrepreneur, a manager and even a politician. It is a story of danger, challenges and romance told with great humour and honesty.

"Never the Same River is an entrancing book - thoughtful, personal and amusing by turns. The story of one man and his family coming to terms with the second half of the 20th century is honestly related - and movingly instructive. It reminds us all of 'how we were', and prompts us to reconsider how we should be. Read it and learn."
- Sir Christopher Ball (formerly Warden of Keble College, Oxford)

"Antony's story as a child of the establishment who becomes a liberal in his views and someone determined to do what he can to change society is a fascinating and engaging one."    - Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister)

"Never The Same River includes an evocative account of life in a cavalry Regiment during the 60's with vivid descriptions of service in Aden,Borneo and Germany - when the threat was very real. The author cleverly shows us that the values which sustain such Regiments are the same now as they were then and we share with him the humour and challenges of life in uniform. I enjoyed it immensely.
-Lieutenant General Simon Mayall (Defence Senior Advisor for the Middle East)

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