Saturday, 7 September 2013

Why did I decide to write my memoir?

The most frequent question I'm asked is, 'Why did you decide to write your memoir?'

Having thought about it I think there are four reasons - one of which I wasn't aware of when I started the first draft, five years ago. Our children are all grown adults now with their own families. So the first reason for setting out the record is that, during conversation, it became clear that their understanding of my early life was quite muddled!

Secondly, I spent some time with the army as a young officer stationed in Germany, right next to the border with East Germany, at the height of the cold war. This was my time of growing up - my University if you like - and I wanted to see if I could capture the way of life of the Regiment I was in.

Thirdly, writing a book and getting it published just seemed like a challenge, and I wanted to take it on.

Finally, I knew writing about the past and the things which have influenced me would give me a greater understanding of who I am. And so it has proved.

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