Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Welcome to Never the Same River

This home page is intended to do a number of things.

First, it should be a place to showcase Never the Same River - where I can develop ideas associated with the writing of the book and where you can post comments, criticisms and ask questions. This really does need to be a two way process and one which will take-off fully once Never the Same River is published, in the autumn.

Next I want to use it to explain how I came to write a memoir and some of the problems which had to be overcome. How do you find enough material? If you find enough stuff how do you organise it so there is a proper flow to the story? How do you get it published? Indeed do you want to publish at all? Why not just run off a few copies for friends and family from the computer? What will it all cost? How long will it take? And so on.

At the moment we've reached the stage of editing the second proof which I started to do then stopped for the excellent reason that I was no good at it! Once upon a time I was dyslexic and maybe you never quite lose the trait So I asked Richard Collins, who lives nearby and is a professional copy-editor and friend, to slave away checking every spelling and every comma and we now have the second proof ready to go off to York Publishing Services this week. As Richard's middle name is Punctilious we may well produce a book that is error free. Hope so.

During the last year I have learnt that creating a book falls into three phases. At the moment we are between Phase One - the writing - and Phase Two which is production. Then comes marketing, of which this blogspot is an essential element. It's no good spending four years compiling a manuscript and just hoping you will then sell the seven hundred copies needed to break-even. It needs a push.

At the end of this page I have listed a number of issues which we could discuss together over the next few weeks before Never The Same River is launched. Let me know which ones interest you most.

Possible future items

A preview of early chapters

Exploring some of the themes in the book

Notes on some of the people providing endorsements

The two charities linked to NSR which I hope will benefit

and ...... of course most important of all

Your Feedback

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